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Volunteer Groups


Chapel Services

Administrative Assistance

Sit down, relax and answer phone calls or do data entry. This opportunity keeps you off your feet!

Spruce up Campuses

From gardening to painting, become a part of our aesthetics team!

Organize Pantries

Variety. Heavy. A lot. Some words to describe the kind of food donations that come to our pantry. But, if when the pantry is organized, donations are: Neat, Conveniently Placed and just So Much Better.

Mentor an Addiction Recovery Program Client

Not into crowds? Become a mentor and work 1-to-1 with an addiction recovery program student.

Sales Floor Assistance at a Rescue Mission Bargain Center

Got a knack for soft lines? This is the place for you.

Sort and Clean a Rescue Mission Bargain Center

Hey. It is what it says it is. Clothes, toiletries, equipment. We’ll need your help to keep things decent and in order.

Weekend Recreation for Recovery Program Clients

Fitness is in and you can guide our guests to a healthier lifestyle with 30-minute to 1-hour fitness routines, or games -- that works too.

Be Creative!

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