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Pick Up My Donation

There are a few ways to donate items.

  • Drop off new or gently used clothing at the Panama City Rescue Mission, 609 Allen Ave, Panama City, FL 32401, for those in need at our shelters and in our community. Items are given to individuals and some are sold at the Bargain Centers. All proceeds from the Bargain Centers go back to help the Panama City Rescue Mission.
  • Drop off food donations to the Panama City Rescue Mission. We serve an average of 300 meals per day to those in our shelters and programs and anyone in our community who needs a hot meal.
  • Need to get rid of your old truck, car, boat, or bicycle? We’ll gladly take it off your hands! Go to https://www.pickupmydonation.com/, enter your zip code, select the “Panama City Rescue Mission,” and schedule a pickup today! Pickups Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Vehicles Needed

Vehicles Needed

We, at the Panama City Rescue Mission, want graduates of our programs to be successful as they re-establish employment relationships that will enable them to become financially independent, stable members of the community.

Holding down a job is essential, and to do that they must be able to get to work and get there on time. That is one reason why your donation of cars and bicycles is so important to our goal of financial independence for our graduates. With these donated vehicles, we can help the impoverished in our community end the cycle of homelessness. So when we can, we supply our graduates with vehicles at a price (to cover the cost of repairs) that makes sense to their situation, and in special cases, for nothing at all.

You, our donors and partners, give so much, and we give thanks for all those gifts you provide from the goodness of your heart and from the prompting God places in you. If you happen to be in possession of a vehicle for which you no longer have a need, please pray about donating it to the Panama City Rescue Mission.

Your generous gift can return the dignity, independence and sense of self-worth to someone, who has done without for so long.

If you have a car, bicycle, motorcycle or moped to donate, please call Panama City Rescue Mission at 850-215-0131.