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Heather’s New Beginning

Recent PCRM Recovery Program graduate, Heather Morgan, has succeeded in getting back on her feet with the guidance and ministry PCRM offers to those who find themselves often at rock bottom and in need of recovery. Sober now for more than a year, Heather has worked through PCRM’s recovery program with perseverance and faith. “The Rescue Mission let me be me and grow into a Godly woman,” Heather said. “They give me a lot of love.”

Just before graduating from the Recovery Program, Heather found employment at Emerald Coast Answerphone. Her supervisor, Mary, continually praises her professionalism, efficiency, and aptitude. Heather is in training to become a supervisor, and Mary is so thankful to have her on their team! Heather has integrated with her team so well that her coworkers have quickly become like a second family. “They accepted me immediately and gave me the opportunity to succeed,” she said.

When she found an affordable apartment, and moved out of Bethel Village, where she lived during her recovery, her coworkers surprised her with a housewarming party! From kitchen necessities to a couch, her Bethel family and new work family helped her set up her new home. “It was really nice for them to help and do all that for me,” Heather said.

Through hard work and persistence, Heather has regained her life from addiction, found a great job, set up a new home, and gained new friends and “family.” She even purchased an affordable car to get to and from work through the PCRM’s Vehicle Refurbishment Program. “The Rescue Mission and my coworkers have really been there for me and truly been loving and caring,” she added. “God is good.”

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