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Jennifer Spooner Professional Bio


Administrative Assistant

Jennifer is an Administrative Assistant for the Panama City Rescue Mission. She manages reports and attends community meetings as the Rescue Mission Representative.

Jennifer’s professional background consists of 28 years working for the Federal Government as an Administrative Assistant, a Management Analyst, an Auditor, a Federal Investigator, an Assistant Training Director, and, most recently, retail.

Originally from the Panama City, Florida area, her partner and she have raised 3 children and managed to successfully watch them complete college.  They decided when they joined together, after getting all their children through college, to embark on a new journey of their own. They gave up career jobs, sold their house, gave away all of the furniture and household items, and bought a 41 foot sailboat that they currently live on. They sail as much as they possibly can.  They hope to one day be able to sail to areas of natural disasters and help rebuild while they live on their sailboat.

She was born into a Christian family, raised Southern Baptist, and continues to attend Southern Baptist churches. She dedicated her life to the Lord and was baptized at 13. She attended St. Andrews Baptist Church as a child, then First Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a teenager, and she is currently a member of Hiland Park Baptist Church. She has served as Church Photographer, Girls in Action (GA) Teacher, Team Kids Teacher, and gone to Guadalajara, Mexico on a Mission Trip with Hiland Park Baptist Church.